Linking Medical, Legal, and Social Support to Combat Veterans and their Families.


Growing Awareness, Reach, & Partnerships

IMG_4442.jpg believes in the power of network marketing and grass roots community based outreach. We share incentives to help as many struggling Veterans, Caregivers, and Families with our partnering nonprofit organizations. This benefits those we serve by broadening our understanding of resources available and tapping into wider community networks normally not reachable by traditional marketing means.

Our Executive Director, Jessica Kavanagh, and Board Member, BG (Ret.) Donald Bolduc regularly speak to groups, conferences, and organizations. Their topics range from critical change needed in VA programs to post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury affects on active service members, veterans, and families.

We connect with audiences by sharing our story about the struggle for Veterans and Caregivers to find alternative PTS and TBI resources unavailable through the Veterans Affairs Department. Jessica and Brian's battle with PTS and addiction is often told in person and recently captured in video. Heroes and Horses released a documentary 500 miles and invited Jessica to contribute. Watch Jessica's powerful message here.

Digital Marketing


We understand the importance of branding and storytelling. Crowdfunding allows us to compel supporters to donate. Our narrative is simple to follow, breaks down the complexity of PTS and TBI issues, and builds on viewers' empathy and resolve to invest in change. Our crowdfunding goal for 2018 is $25,000.

Our first crowdfunding campaign begins with Giving Tuesday and our #bridgetheVAgap campaign

Give 18 in 2018 will launch it's Give 18 in 2018 campaign in mid-November. This campaign will use Facebook ad sets and Google Adwords. We have been awarded a Google Ad Grant that will cover our Adwords expenses. The goal for the year long Give $18 in 2018 is to gain 500 donors who sign up for monthly recurring donations of $18. Hitting this goal will bring in a gross revenue of $108,000.


Leveraging the power of social media and the Google Ad Grant funding, we will launch a content marketing campaign in partnership with Code of Support Foundation. This will include video on a YouTube Channel, a blog with articles from PTS experts, and eventually a podcast featuring Jessica and featured guests.  

event marketing

In addition to gathering a community together, organizing events is also one of our major fundraising efforts. We participate in the Army 10 Miler, Shootout For Heroes, golf tournaments across the country, and our annual KavFest hosted in Pittsburg, Kansas. Our primary goal is to educate the public about our cause, generate additional relationships, and promote awareness for and the Veterans we serve. 

Event marketing also maximizes our presence online and on social media. Both and our event hosts heavily promote events through social media. We typically gain 50-100 new followers on Facebook and see a spike in website traffic during these event promotions, the day of, and a few days following.