As U.S. Army Major Brian Kavanagh transitioned out of active duty service, he became frustrated with the lack of Veterans Affairs provided care and resources available to veterans' facing challenges similar to his own. He and his wife Jessica struggled and battled with their local Veteran’s Affairs facility month in and month out as Brian continued to face multiple challenges associated with post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury.  Through this long and painful struggle, Brian conceptualized of a non-profit organization dedicated to linking combat veterans to the resources and services that were not being provided by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.  And out of the Kavanagh Family’s own struggles, Vetlinks.org was founded and launched with the singular goal of providing one on one support to combat veterans and their Families.


We believe the value of our society is determined largely by the way we care for those who sacrifice on our behalf.  It is therefore our responsibility to do what we can to support veterans, their loved ones, and their caregivers. VetLinks.org provides personalized, tailored support to individual combat veterans and caregivers suffering from the effects of post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury.


Vetlinks.org will accomplish this mission through its singular dedication to understanding each Family’s unique, individual situation.  This focus on the individual Family will facilitate VetLinks.org’s ability to fill in the resource and support gaps lacking in the support provided by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs(VA) and / or the Family’s current non-VA sourced care plan.  By serving as a resource bridge between what care and resources the Family currently receives and the care and resources the Family actually needs, VetLinks.org can make tangible, long-term improvements in the overall health of each supported Family’s lives.

The care and resources provided by VetLinks.org is multi-faceted and includes: mental health care, therapy, counseling, legal assistance, education, and administrative assistance. In addition, VetLinks.org can also connect combat veterans and their Families to additional resources not provided directly through our charity.